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Robotics Laboratory for Complex Underwater Environments (R CUE) @ The University of Rhode Island

Our goal is to develop maritime robots with the ability to operate in dynamic and unpredictable environments. To this end, we investigate biologically inspired propulsion as a means of providing high authority/high bandwidth thrust; distributed pressure sensing for detection of flow structures and obstacles; model based optimal control and trajectory generation strategies for maneuvering in dynamic conditions; and compliant underwater manipulation and intervention technologies.

Interested in the working with us?

There are no specific openings at present, but we are often looking for talented people to join our team at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Feel free to fill out the R-Cue Skills Checklist and send it with a resume/CV to <slicht@egr.uri.edu>.



Past Students

Principal Investigator - Stephen Licht


Dr. Licht received his Ph.D. in Oceanographic and Mechanical Engineering in 2008 from the MIT/WHOI Joint program, where he created ‘Finnegan the RoboTurtle’. Prior to joining the URI faculty, he was a Senior Research Scientist with the Maritime Research group at iRobot, and Senior Robotics Engineer with Vecna Robotics. During his time in the robotics industry, Dr. Licht designed, simulated, and field tested model-based control systems for underwater vehicles and ground robots driven by bladders, fins, flippers, propellers, legs, wheels, and tracks.

phone: (401) 874-6028
email: slicht@egr.uri.edu
snail mail: URI Ocean Engineering, 215 South Ferry Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882
sneaker net: 211 Sheets Building, Narragansett Bay Campus


OCE 360: Ocean Robotic Embedded Systems - Fall 2015

OCE 467: AUV and ROV Design - Spring 2015

OCE 562: Modeling, Simulation and Control of Marine Vehicles - Spring 2014

OCE 205: Ocean Engineering Design Tools I - Fall 2013

EGR 105: Fundamentals of Engineering - Fall 2014

OCE 101: Introduction to Ocean Engineering - Spring 2014

Faculty Advisor for URI MATE ROV Team

Executive Board Member (Vice-President) of FABNewport

University of Rhode Island Ocean Engineering

At Sea

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